Company History


   Incorporated in 1984, founders Joseph Reynolds and Steven Buck formed Buck, Reynolds Corporation with the intentions of contracting with out of state property owners, to look after their property in Bullhead City.

   Our early marketing studies showed that most out of state owners wanted to rent out their property when they were less likely to use it, in the Winter months. From that scenario we picked up properties that were no longer being used by the owners, so they allowed us to offer them on a full time rental basis.

   At our peak we had 1700 rental units in Bullhead City. Over 30 years the availability of rentals has diminished, to the extent we now manage 600 units.

   Some units were located within Associations. Our management services fit right in with this concept, and we began to pick up condominium associations to manage. From that base we expanded to “planned unit developments” which involved the base of a community with owners owning their own units, built on their vacant lot. And outside those organized programs we got involved with land developments that were outside the norm with no common areas to maintain, but these larger land mass associations have roads that need to be maintained, and we provide that service.

   Joseph Reynolds retired in 2005, and passed away in 2012. Steve and Anne Buck are the sole shareholders of the corporation, which grossed over a million dollars in 2012, with revenues collected at just above the 4 million dollar mark. Technological development has allowed for expansion of the services offered. The internet has expanded our ability to communicate with our customers and address their concerns with more efficiency provided by the immediacy of the internet.

   Electronic surveillance services were developed in 2012, creating another level of security and management that allows the manager to oversee activities in the common areas, and to monitor conditions that may require special attention. There are five Associations that have cameras strategically placed to provide this service. One of the goals of Buck, Reynolds is to expand the number of associations that take advantage of this service, so that constant monitoring will be affordable for even the smallest of Associations.