Being in business for Forty years makes you aware of an area’s shortfall in terms of available dependable services. The economy has also taken its toll on companies that provide special services to the communities we manage and the rental units we maintain. Consequently we have developed our own services to meet the needs of those we serve, or anyone that finds themselves in need of assistance.

Although these special services were created and they are dedicated to take care of our managed property needs, they are available to all residents in our area whether we manage your property or not. If we can be of service, please ask us to quote your next job. Satisfaction is guaranteed.



It’s midnight and you just jumped out of bed and into soggy, soaked carpeting caused by your water heater developing a leak? Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, who can you call to help? Property Management Services. Do you have a “honey do” list, but your honey won’t? We can help. We will provide you a free estimate, and we offer 100% satisfaction and most uniquely, we handle your minor repairs without asking for money up front. Of course a water heater or evaporative cooler change out is another story. Keep our number handy, and call us when you need a helping hand. $45 Per Hour for Non-Skilled Work and $65 Per Hour for Skilled Work Contact Michael Van Vliet at 928-763-7368