We would like the opportunity to Manage your LONG TERM or SEASONAL RENTAL!
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(928)763-7368 We have had many rentals fill very fast, let us help you find the perfect tenant for your rental home.

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Property Management Services is proud of the homes we offer for rent in the Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Kingman, and Lake Havasu Arizona area's. With our various configurations, we can accommodate your housing needs, and your financial limitations. Please be aware, if you choose one of our units for your future home, we will run a credit check to verify your credit worthiness. Our housing policy allows for up to two persons per room. You’ll need to be prepared to pay an amount equal to one month’s rent, as a deposit. All rents are pro-rated to the 1st of the month. Utility deposits can be a concern, unless you can get a “letter of credit” from your current service provider. Still interested? Please choose one of the following as the next step in the process of finding your next home:


We offer a wide assortment of homes, most have three bedrooms, two baths with a garage. Some concerns with a home are whether or not your family has pets and whether you have or need a refrigerator, washing machine, or dryer, whether it is a gas unit or electric. Refrigerators are often included. Most homes will accept a pet with a deposit, and most homes come with a refrigerator. We encourage our tenants to provide their own washing machines and dryers.

Mobiles Homes

Mobile homes come in a variety of configurations, single wide, double wide and occasionally we offer a triple wide unit. Carports rather than garages are most common, although many have extra space for storage available. Having a pet limits the field, so be sure to ask about this specific limitations, if it applies to your family.


All of our condominiums are part of an Association to govern activities in the common areas. Please be sure to get a copy and read the rules before making a commitment to move into a condominium complex. If you have children, toys left in the common areas, outside your unit, are most often a problem. Owning a pet in a condominium unit also creates a hardship on the animal, based on noise and their natural needs. We encourage you to consider your children and your pets comfort and convenience, when you are considering a condo as your next home.


Apartment communities most often are in a four-plex configuration, although we offer multiple dwelling units as well. Generally there are not as many amenities with an apartment complex, compared to a condominium, and some feel that fewer rules make for a more relaxed atmosphere for their living accommodations. Storage of your “stuff” has to be considered when you are moving into an apartment. From parking your car to storing your bicycle and barbecue, be sure to look on the outside for these accommodations.